These are the products published by MAC. MAC publishes the books DVD’s and some project document. You can order by email.

[A] Re-Fort PROJECT vol.5 DVD 2,000yen (1,000)

【How to get】
1) Mail order to Midori Art Center, Aomori
Please send email to midoriartcenter(at) Write down your name address and the number you would like to buy. Then we send you our bnak account to transfer money. After we make sure of your payment, we send you the product as soon as possible.

2) Mail order to Maemachi Art Center, Yamaguchi
You can buy our products from our friendship artspace Maemachi Art Center (Yamaguchi MAC). Please send email to maemachiartcenter(at)

3) Direct shopping from Re-Fort member
Re-Fort PROJECT 5 has been organized by the 5 artists (SHITAMICHI Motoyuki, NAKAZAKI Tohru, YAMASHIRO Daisuke, AIDA Daiya and HATTORI Hiroyuki). If you meet any member, you can buy the DVD directly. Each member keep more than 100 DVDs.

4) trhough the event
We are positive for any kind of talk event and screening. Please contact us. Might be discounted at the event…

Please get the product by these 4 ways.