What is Midori Art Center (MAC)?

MAC was established in 2007 in Yamaguchi city by YAMASHIRO Daisuke, KOJIMA Chika and HATTORI Hiroyuki as a shared house “Maaemachi Art Center (MAC).” The space is situated in front of small & beautiful river where firefly comes every summer. The name Maemachi Art Center was named by NAKAZAKI Tohru, an artist based in Mito. One day suddenly he made sign board “Maemachi Art Center” to our house and put it on the entrance wall. Then gradually people who visit us call our house MAC, and finally “Maemachi Art Center (MAC) was put on the map of yamagushi city.

Lots of friends’ artists have visited us and stayed MAC. Sometimes small artist talks or projects happened by chance. Many artists installed small works at MAC. At the end, the house MAC is working as a community art center.

After summer in 2009, Hattori moved Aomori city and open new art space “Midori Art Center (MAC)”. It’s also MAC. The address (street) of his residence is Midori. That’s why it is called MAC!

↑Facade(KANO Tetsuro residence project “Naturplan” December, 2009 ~ January, 2010)

↑The sign board made by NAKAZAKI Tohru