“Good Night for the World, Good Morning for Drawing” exhibition report.

The drawing exhibition started! We open 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm, next Sunday, August 5, 2012. It’s the climax day of Nebuta festival!

ASAI Yusuke, finished his solo exhibition in Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) and TADA Tomomitsu from Hirosaki city was working together for 2 months. The last 3 days were kind of camp in MAC. You can see oil painting. Both they said never trying oil painting for 10 years. It quite good exhibition. I regret that I couldn’t open the show same time with asai’s solo show…

Interview from local newspaper.

Keep drawing even after the opening. Mac is much comfortable with the black carpet.

Everybody got settled.

It’s the zine origine.

The zine. 500 JPY.

You can see the exhibition view. This time we sell all the works. If you are interested in getting some works, please check the work & price list. ARATANIURANO, the Asai’s gallery supported us to decide the price.

WOrk & Price list (PDF/4.8MB)

↑5 small pieces are the oil paintings.

Tada often come to MAC to keep draw.

It’s the sculpture.

An audience presented us a pineapple for the celebration. Thank you.

Please come and see the exhibition!

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