Ichiro ENDO solo exhibition & bus tour “Here we go!” report

We report the Ichiro ENDO Project. He said he is future artist. He have not been keeping his own house for more than 5 years and have been living in his own car “GO FOr FUTURE” bus.

It’s the exhibition held in MAC. Ichiro put his video piece on the wall, and he also draw “GO FOR FUTURE” on the same wall too. The video only show his tackling toward the Roppongi Hills Building. He said the building changed the landscape, atmosphere and actual wind stream of Roppong area, and it’s very violent and fascist action. He wanna show small but inevasible action for this situation.

He put small painting on the other wall.

He put big banner in front of MAC from the 2nd floor of hotel YAMAGAMI.

Ichiro told me that people who visit MAC is kind of art fan, but the people living here around is not like art fan but normal people. So he put simple and strong message on the outside, and maniac art work inside. It’s very logical way.

During Bus tour, we went to Towada Art Center.

You can check the 1 st day’s bus tour report through MAC blog.
>> MAC Blog bus tour report

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