Re-Modernologio_B-side show

the collaboration project with ACAC & MAC!

The exhibition “Re-Modernologio phase3:Trace of Scenery” will be open in February 18 at ACAC. We sincerely celebrate ACAC’s opening of the exhibition and decide to have a only 1 day memorial & related exhibition “Re-Modernologio_B-side” in MAC. The exhibition is held by the cooperation with the 4 participating artists for ACAC’s residency.
We borrow the tools, equipments and resources those are essential for the artists’ production. Sometimes those byproducts are very interesting, because you could recognize the original idea of the artists or how they develop the artworks. MAC is an alternative space sometimes parasited to ACAC. So maybe it’s good collaboration.

ACACバックヤード(創作棟)からの日の入り the sunset from the backyard (creative hall) of ACAC

date : 7:00 pm – 9 pm, February 18, 2012
fee : free (donation please.)
venue : Midori Art Center (MAC) @ hotel YAMAGAMI
guest artists : SASAKI Ai (sugar painting, drawing), SHITAMICHI Motoyuki (photograph, installation), Amanda BELANTARA (sound movie), JOO Choon Lin (animation)

[exhibiting items]
customized tripod, map (SHITAMICHI Motoyuki)
draft drawing & sketch (SASAKI Ai)
sound recording equipments, sampling sounds (Amanda BELANTARA)
printer, DIY made objects for the animation (JOO Choon Lin)

Midori Art Center (MAC)
3-16-9, Furukawa, Aomori, 030-0862

organized by : Midori Art Center (MAC)
in cooperation with : hotel YAMAGAMI, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), SASAKI Ai, SHITAMICHI Motoyuki, Amanda BELANTARA, JOO Choon Lin
sponsored by : Aomori Foundation For Science and Cultural Promotion, Asahi Beer Arts Founadation

佐々木愛さんのドローイング SASAKI Ai's drawing

下道基行さんメモ SHITAMICHI Motoyuki's memo

アマンダ・ベランタラさんのメモグッズ AMANDA Belantara's equipments

ジュー・チュンリンの「恐」JOO Choon Lin's animated drawing

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