KANO Tetsuro residence project “Naturplan”

It’s the opening memorial project of Aomori MAC.

artist : Tetsuro KANO
Exhibition title : Naturplan
Residency : December 3 – December 29, 2009
Exhibition : December 13, 2009 – January 31, 2010
Teturo KANO website >> http://www.tkano.com/
The diary written by the artist during his residency >> http://aomorimac.exblog.jp/i3/
The Exhibition view >> artscape blog 2
Exhibition Flyer >> Naturplan DM(PDF/1.7MB)

Tetsuro KANO

Tetsuro Kano was born in Miyagi in 1980. He studied at Tokyo Zokei University, majoring in design (Environmental Design/City Environmental Course) and received MFA at the same university. Through several artist-in-residency programs, he has mainly created site-specific works of installation, drawing and photography. In recent years, Kano has participated in residency programs in Japan and abroad, such as SEOKSU ART PROJECT (Korea), Aomori Contemporary Art Centre[ACAC] (Aomori), and many others.

Installation work “Weeds” which I install seeds in anyplace and wait/watch to growing plants. Photograph series “Studying about something” tries collection of something special scenery. Installation work “Garden prayer” tries representation of collected something, is constructed from found objects, poems, drawings, photographs and uncontrollable elements. Recent installation work is “Naturplan”. The materials that I use for my artworks are those that are found-objects in the nearby place or ready-made staffs. The meanings and the functions of the place and the materials are only known to the people not to the bird or any kinds else. The space or the objects that constructs the landscape are not especially made for the bird. But if the space and objects are combined and made into a new landscape, or should I say a sculpture, the bird which is thrown to the space would react with certain imaginations. The layout objects go beyond meanings or functions of the human being, they might be unusual landscape to human and also they could be drawings in the space itself.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Naturplan (Bloomberg Pavilion Project #1 Tetsuro Kano), Public plaza/Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
Anonymous birds (Bloomberg Pavilion Project #1 Tetsuro Kano), MOT the SHOP wall gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Anonymous birds, onobeka, Sapporo, Japan
Anonymous corridors, waitingroom, Tokyo, Japan

Magical paths, project room sasao, Akita, Japan
Naturplan, Moonhouse/Yokohama apartment, Yokohama, Japan

Naturplan, Midori Art Center (MAC), Aomori, Japan
Moving /Atmospheres, Cafe Shicho-shitsu, Tokyo, Japan

Garden prayer, Kogane-cho Ohira-so gallery, Yokohama, Japan

Weeds, nico project viewing room, Tokyo, Japan

Weeds, YOSHIDATE HOUSE, Yokohama, Japan

【The exhibition view】

The neighborhood alternative space “space lab” was the satellite exhibition site.

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